• A-players: the top 5% of people. They work hard, go over and above, are well liked and respected and typically move “up the ranks” fast.
  • B-players: most people. They do the 9–5 thing, do their job well and are generally the “good not great” people.
  • C-players: the bottom 10%. They do just enough to scrape through, don’t volunteer to take on new projects, like (and cause) conflict and have little to no personal accountability or responsibility.

A-playersが、”work hard, go over and above”で、B-playersが、”do the 9-5 thing”? この人はwork hardイコール長時間労働する人という意味で言っているのだとしたら間違いだと思う。本当のA-playersは、work hard and smartで、emotional intelligenceとかpoliticsとか器用な人なのではないかと。長時間働いていてもそうは見せずに涼しい顔をしているような人なんじゃないかと思う。自分がA-playersかというと、多分違う。


  • A-players love to hire other A-players and build teams of super smart people that love to win. They genuinely want to be the “dumbest” person in the room and love learning from those around them
  • B-players hire C-players because they’re worried about someone coming in and taking their job
  • C-players don’t really hire (too hard/too lazy), but if they do, they’ll pretty much take whoever comes along



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